Flat Top Chain – Various Styles, Customized Production

Flat top chain, also known as flat top chain plate, plate top chain, countertop chain plate, is a high-efficiency chain plate used in glass industry, food industry, wine and other industries. Flat top chains can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel and have high tensile strength and load carrying capacity. It provides a flat smooth surface for high performance conveying compared to balanced braids. We can provide you with flat top chains in various specifications and materials. We can customize flat top chains according to your equipment and requirements.

Flat Top Chain Type

Standard flat top chains are not bent and are suitable for straight conveyors. But in some workshops, the space is limited, so the conveyor line will be made into L shape, U shape or rectangle. Therefore the machine needs to be adjusted for smooth delivery. Here we can supply not only standard flat top chains but also side curved flat top chains.

Straight Running Flat Top Chains

Straight flat top chains provide high load capacity and smooth surfaces in straight conveyors. It is composed of several regular rectangular chain plates and high pins.

Side Flex Flat Top Chains

The side flex flat top chain is suitable for flexible machines and can be L-shaped, U-shaped, or rectangular. The side-curved flat-top chain ensures fast, smooth, and steady conveying. There are two types of side-curved flat-top chain plates: flat-side chain plates and hypotenuse-side chain plates.

Flat-edge Chain Plates

It is combined with flat-sided chain plates and hinge pins. Flat side chains complete sideways curved conveying by increasing the clearance between the high pins. This way, the adjacent chain plates can allow a certain corner to achieve smooth side-bending transportation. The flat side chain plate can not only ensure smooth and stable side bending conveying, but also ensure the normal conveying of straight line operation.

Bevel Edge Chain Plates.

The chain plates are made of chain plates with symmetrical beveled sides. The beveled side can eliminate interference during side-bending conveying and ensure smooth and efficient conveying. Also, there is no gap when used in a bent position. The angle of the ramp and the pin clearance determines the turning radius.

FTC-02: Straight running flat top chain.

FTC-02: Straight running flat top chain.

FTC-03: Side-flex flat top chain

FTC-03: Side-flex flat top chain.

Flat edge flat top chain.

Flat edge flat top chain.

Bevel edge flat top chain

Side-flex flat top chain.

Hinge Pin Types

It is an important part of the flat top chain plate system. It supports and connects the chain plates, ensuring smooth and efficient conveying, whether running straight or sideways. It has different types for you to choose.
Hinge pins can be divided into single hinge pins and double hinge pins according to different width and detailed requirements of customers and equipment.

Single hinge pin

Single hinge pin design, simple structure, light weight, suitable for short chain plate and light load products.

Double hinge pin

The double hinge pin design is suitable for large-span chain plates with higher stability and load-bearing capacity.

Single hinge pin flat top chain

Single hinge pin flat top chain

Double hinge pin flat top chain

Double hinge pin flat top chain

Hinge pins come in different styles such as standard hinge pins and TAB hinge pins. They are all custom made to suit different machines and drive methods.

Standard hinge pin

Standard hinge pin

TAB hinge pin.

TAB hinge pin

Flat Top Chain Benefits

  • High performance.  The flat and smooth surface has low friction for high-performance conveying.
  • High friction.  Rubber top chain plate improves the surface chain and prevents the product from falling.
  • Smooth and steady conveying.  Straight running and side bending types to suit different conveying lines.
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance.  Wash under running water or soak in water for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.  Stainless steel and other anti-corrosion materials ensure a long service life for the flat chain.
  • High load capacity.  Chain plates have a larger load-bearing surface than balance braided belts and other belts made of steel wire. This way, it can hold more products and is suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Customization.  All products can be customized according to your requirements and drawings.
  • Wide range of applications.  It serves high-volume conveying applications in many industries, such as beverage, food processing, and glass bottle filling.