Flat Top Chain

821-K1000 Flat Top Conveyor Chain for the food and beverage industry

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As a flat top conveyor, chains have the advantage of minimizing belt friction and wear. Because they are designed to be modular, flat top chains are suitable for most applications. They are suitable for conveying items of varying sizes and shapes and are often used for production changes and transitions. They are also ideal for transporting hot, sharp, oily, or flammable items. With its modular design, the flat top chain can be easily customized to suit different environments.

We also manufacture two types of flat top chains. One is called TableTop chain and the other is called MatTop. Both are molded to be about three to four inches wide and can be up to 20 feet wide. Some models are formed to width so they can be configured to any size. Integral flat top chains are typically used for general conveying, while other models are made of polymeric materials.

Benefits of Flat Top Chain

flat top chain

   A flat top chain is used to convey medium to large workpiece pallets. Its arcing capacity allows it to be used with continuous-drive         combinations that include curve arcs. The flat top chain is often used in combination with PA wear pads on the workpiece pallets. It is available with steel or plastic glide profiles and can carry up to 1.5 kg/cm surface loads. It is also available with HD profiles. Here are some of its benefits:

Standard flat top chain is not curved, but it is available in curved designs for narrow spaces. For curved conveying lines, side-flex flat top chains are available. These chains provide smooth conveying, high efficiency, and no gaps between chainplates. They can be customized according to the width and driving method. High friction rubber can be incorporated at the top or bottom of flat top chains to enhance their surface friction and protect fragile products from falling. The high-traction rubber is available in different types: thin neoprene rubber, elastic polyurethane rubber, or other materials.

The right material for every application

The distinguishing features of our plastic flat top chains include low friction values, high wear resistance, good noise damping, and high quality workmanship and surface finish. Some applications require steel or stainless steel flat top chains, which offer higher allowable loads, high wear resistance, excellent workmanship and a high-quality surface finish.

Flat-top chains for handling cast steel containers, automation applications or the automotive industry are subject to extremely high loads. Our solution: Hardened stainless steel flat top chains and high hardness steel flat top chains reduce chain wear, resulting in significantly lower production costs due to lost productivity and maintenance downtime.